Whilsting away my time?

Ok, so I’m a leeeeeeeeeettle bit of a grammar geek, and I must confess:

I hate the word ‘whilst!’

Yes, I get that it is used more in the UK, so it’s a cultural thing. And I have nothing against the culture of the UK. I just simply hate that word. Regardless of where you’re from, to my ears whenever you say that word, you’re saying to the world, “Take a look at me, I’m a pompous, pretentious, stuck up prig!” To quote comedian Andrew Kennedy, who was quoting his father, “It’s shorter. Isn’t that a good reason to use the right bloody word?”

It’s needlessly verbose. And I’m not one to ever take issue with verbosity. Periodically, my verbosity will be so penetrating and robust in its voraciousness that it is a wholly enchanting possibility that any Fawkesian-masked Vaudevillian veteran would be greatly pleased. Catch my drift?

I doooooon’t like the word ‘whilst.’