Color Noise Texture Packs

Color Noise Texture Packs by WhitneyFawn

Sometimes the subtlest changes can have the greatest effects

There’s white noise, brown noise, pink noise… you’ve got Color Noise!

As a high-res overlay, they are perfect for adding gentle texture to wedding photos, event designs, business cards, vectors, fonts — practically anything you can think of.

These incredibly versatile textures are capable of adding color, texture, and enhancing the mood of an image, all in one go. And they do it in a way that seems natural and seamless, as in this before and after:

See that grunge effect? On first glance, it seems rather subtle, right? That’s because it is! But that subtle change is really powerful. The noise deepens the colors, adding an intensity to the photo and really enhancing the mood.

Here’s another example:

Again, the texture enhances the colors, and the soft noise adds a grainy look that feels so natural you’d think it was present in the original photo.

They work great on smaller image sizes as well. At 100% zoom, there’s a distinct marbled look that would be great as a background for business cards, place-setting cards, icons, website graphics, and other small objects.

These textures are wonderfully useful for graphic designers, web designers, scrapbookers, bloggers, or just about anyone. They are 15″ x 15″ at 300 ppi, so they’re large enough to handle nearly any design you throw at them — even in print! Each texture pack contains 15 high-res JPGs for use in just about any graphic editor you choose, and with 3 different packs to choose from, there’s bound to be a texture here to fit your project.

These textures are definitely a must-have for your creative arsenal! Just click on the “I want this!” buttons below to buy!

Color Noise Texture Pack #1

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Color Noise Texture Pack #2

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Color Noise Texture Pack #3

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