ultra hardcore cuteness

Don’t get me wrong. I like ultra hardcore, dungeon crawling, beat-em-up, primarily-a-tank, smash-em-in-the-face, explosions-and-fire games as much as the next guy. I play World of Warcraft with a fantastic raiding guild, I play GTA, I play Oblivion (and my appetite for stolen goods only increases). I even still play Blood and blast zombies to smithereens with the napalm launcher, and then blow up their livers with another fireball. TAKE THAT ZOMBIES!!! WOOHOO! OH YOU WANT SOME TOO? HERE YA GO! FIRE RIGHT IN YOUR STUPID FACE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!@#

Wait, what? Oh, right, I had a point I was trying to make. Ahem..

My point is that I like games dealing in death and destruction as much as the rest of us, but I also have this insatiable need for cuteness to balance things out. I love games based around collecting items, and in true mad-scientist fashion, I love breeding and genetics games. I’ve spent many hours playing Wandering Willows — no breeding, but plenty of mindlessly-awesome and awesomely-mindless collecting. One of my all-time favorite games is Creatures 3, which I still play, and I am sorely missing a more modern game that involves advanced genetics. Seriously, considering how popular Creatures 3 was, I imagine there’s a market for another game of that type and complexity. So where is it, people?!?!?!

Anyway, while my fresh install of Pocket Frogs on my iTouch doesn’t include advanced genetics, basic breeding is one of its game mechanics. Plus, it satisfies that collector’s itch, and it is super mega ultra cute.

And it involves frogs.

Really, it’s like they went into my brain + created an app just for me.

Frogs. Oh, how I love frogs and toads. One of my deepest, all-consuming loves. Froggums make me happeh.

I imagine I’ll be playing Pocket Frogs for quite some time. I’ll let you play some too, if you can pry the iTouch from my fingers.