My Top 6 Healing Comforts

Last week I wrote about the heavy flare-up I was battling. It was a bad one. I slept most of the day, as well as all night, for the better part of a week. If I managed to get up for a little while, I was back in bed before too long. I couldn’t even sit up for very long.

I battled the flare-up, as I have for the umpteenth time, by just allowing myself to rest. It’s really all I can do. But this time, I also noticed a pattern. I realized that each time I flare-up, I give myself certain comforts.

This pattern isn’t something I decided to create one day. I slipped into this rhythm naturally. It must have been a deep calling from my soul screaming, “I NEED COMFORT!” And when I flare-up, I have no choice but to listen, so I surrounded myself the comforts that I needed without even realizing I needed them. And this time it was obvious to me that for each chunk of time I gave to a comfort, I felt myself get stronger and stronger. I realize now that for me, the best way to recover from a flare-up is a judicious use of comfort.

Now that the flare-up is gone and I’m back to normal, I wanted to share with you my top 6 comforts — 3 movie comforts and 3 music comforts — that, combined with lots of rest, revitalize me and pull me out of a flare-up.

So here they are, in no particular order:


I pick a soothing, mellow song, put it on repeat, and play a quiet video game. By the time I’ve gotten tired of the song, I’ve started to feel significantly better.


Much like with music, I’ll pop in a disk, put it on repeat, watch it for about 3 minutes and then fall asleep with it going on very low volume in the background. Just having it on is a comfort.

Sorry to put two here, but I can’t choose between them!

Oh but wait, I changed my mind.

But I’m not going to change the title because it’s my blog and I can do what I want!


AKA The Tasties.

Just to be clear: I don’t binge on these foods. I don’t eat more than I should. But I have them around when I’m sick because comfortable rest is better rest. Except for the last one on the list. That one’s an all the time thing. <3

  • Chocolate chip mint ice cream — miiiiiint…
Chocolate chip mint ice cream with sprinkles photo by Austin Kirk
Photo by Austin Kirk
  • Macaroni and cheese — There’s a time and place for Kraft Dinner. This isn’t it.
Macaroni and cheese photo by Vancouver Bites
Photo by Vancouver Bites
  • TEA!!! — all the tea
Chamomile Hornimans tea photo by xoan seoane
Photo by xoan seoane

And of course, the best and most important comfort of all:


And kitten rubs. And the sound of rain on the roof. And a warm, cozy bed and cool air.
Sigh…I could nap right now just thinking about it! But I won’t. {:

Now of course, I wouldn’t expect anyone else to have the same list. It’s ultimately very personal. But I’m interested! I’d love to hear about YOUR favorite comforts, the things you turn to when you need comfort the most. Comment below, or contact meh! đŸ˜€