Lighting up Lumière 2014

Lumière is an art festival that takes place one night a year in downtown Sydney here in Cape Breton. Last year I participated in an official capacity, setting up a shop’s windows to look like eyes. The eyes were TVs playing a video of me drawing The Storm to give viewers an artist’s eye view into the creative process.

This Saturday, September 27, 2014, I’ll be participating in Lumière for the second time, but you won’t find me in the official Lumière guide. This year, I’m unofficially partnering up with my lovely friends Janet and Joan from My Fair Ladies Fair Ethical Emporium [map].

My Fair Ladies is a gorgeous, eclectic shop chock-full of beautiful fair trade items from around the world. One of the neatest products available in the shop is LuminAID.

LuminAID is an inflatable solar-powered light. It’s waterproof, so it’s great for camping or emergencies. It’s solar-powered, so it’s reusable and convenient. It’s inflatable and it floats, so it’s super portable and useful in a number of different situations.

Adjectives can’t really describe how neat this product is. You just have to see it:


As amazing as these LuminAIDs already are, I’ve been tasked with making them even better — by drawing on them:

Drawn-on LuminAID
Drawn-on LuminAID

Isn’t this great? Here’s another picture with it all lit up:

LuminAID - drawn on and lit up
LuminAID – drawn on and lit up

Aaaand another picture, this time of a different design:

LuminAID - blue orange design
LuminAID – blue orange design

These are so cool, and it’s super neat to draw on what are basically little pillows. {:

So, this is what I’m doing for Lumière 2014! I’ll be hanging out all evening at My Fair Ladies, drawing on these for your viewing pleasure. Plenty of decorated LuminAIDs will be available. But the neatest part is that I’ll be taking requests! You could have your very own LuminAID, hand-decorated by me, with the color or subject of your choice in my style. How cool is that!

Lumière will be Saturday, September 27, 2014, from 6pm till midnight. I’ll be at My Fair Ladies at 48 Prince Street, Sydney, NS [map]. Come by, say hi, pick out your own decorated LuminAID, and enjoy the rest of the wonderful Lumière displays as well!

It’s going to be a great night. See you there! XD