About the Art: The Storm

Update 2017/05/21: Changed post title from “New Art: The Storm” to “About the Art: The Storm”

A few days ago I announced a new artwork on Facebook called The Storm. This announcement was special as I also released my first time-lapse drawing videos. {:

The Storm is my depiction of an epic storm with a developed eye in the center, such as a hurricane, as viewed from above. The swirls signify the clouds and the wind and the chaos in the storm. And, while I was drawing, I was recording also!

I started the drawing on a different day, so when I started recording I had already marked out the storm’s placement on the paper and had started with the drawing. The two videos are broken up into two stages, the framework stage and the fill-in stage.

The first video shows the framework stage which consists of the swirls surrounding the empty eye in the middle.

(View it on YouTube)

All the little details were put in during the fill-in stage in the second video.

(View it on YouTube)

I had about an hour of work done when I started recording. Completing the framework stage took about an hour, and it took about two hours to complete the fill-in. All in, it took about 4 hours to complete The Storm. I find that interesting as a Soulprint this detailed used to take me at least 8 hours. I’m getting faster. {:

Enjoy the videos. {: