September Art Date Part 2 – Lettering

SO! Onto part 2, wherein I continue talking about the art date I had with my lovely friend Gayle. You can read part 1 here.

After the beach, Gayle and I went back to her place to watch shows and mess with her pens. She had a lot of new ones to mess with, and had organized them all by color in color-matching containers. Natch. Why would you expect anything different? {:

Lettering the alphabet
Lettering the alphabet

Of course our “promise” to each other when setting up the art date was to keep each other on track so we can do the things we need to do, but we both knew that wasn’t going to happen. We did what we wanted to do, instead of thinking about what we “should” be creating. No matter our good intentions, this is our typical art date activity.

Lettering - calligraphy pen
Lettering – calligraphy pen

I had intended to actually draw, but…nope! That day, letters were way more interesting.

So, we played with her pens, as well as the pens I had brought over. We experimented with letterforms and different pen/paper combinations. We had a lot to play with — markers, fineliners, brush pens. And we used them all.

Lettering in gold ink
Lettering in gold ink

The highlight was when Gayle conjured up a 30-year-old jar of gold ink from her studio and some bamboo skewers, and we just drew and created beautiful letters with that glorious ink.

Lettering - black & gold
Lettering – black & gold

That art date has had some lasting effects. More on that soon. {: