Thrall collaboration with Sophie Ricard

Thrall from World of Warcraft by Whitney Fawn MacEachern and Sophie Ricard
Thrall from World of Warcraft – Collaboration with Sophie Ricard
Sophie Ricard and Whitney Fawn MacEachern
Thrall from World of Warcraft
Pen and colored pencils on paper
7″ W x 9.5″ H

This piece was a collaboration with Sophie Ricard. The chosen topic was World of Warcraft. We chose to do Thrall, and Sophie sent me a sketch. I added Thrall’s spell effects – blue for the lightning and red/orange for the fire around his totem. Then I sent it back to her, and she finished off Thrall’s coloring with colored pencils. I love the movement in this piece. Sophie’s incredibly talented and she did a fantastic job on the sketch and coloring. Merging her style with mine produced a really neat effect, and it remains a memorable experience and an interesting study in styles.