Xmas 2010

Well, the Xmas season is over again for another year. Aside from some minor issues like record rainfalls of 130+mm leaking flooding in through one of our windows and a pretty severe vitamin deficiency (the doc giving me a double shot right there in the office was kind of the giveaway), all in all it was a lovely holiday.

My sister- and brother-in-law hosted Xmas this year at their new house. I spent some great time tickling my nephew and fixing the computer for him, hanging out with the adults, and just getting some R+R. I wish I had been able to help out more, but maybe next time. I’m on the mend from the vitamin deficiency, but I’m still pretty weak.

Today, my computer is sporting a new 20 inch LCD monitor and an extra 2 gigs of ram. Later in the week, I’ll be sporting some new clothes. And yes, I really do need them — desperately!

And so, while I go back to preparing for my upcoming show (details will be forthcoming!) for your reading pleasure I’ll leave you with some things overheard over Xmas from my 3 year old nephew:
NB: T is my nephew

Bro-in-law (BiL) brings out a live lobster.
T: Why is it not cooked?
BiL: I’m showing it to you before I cook it.
T: Can it walk?
BiL: Oh sure! (puts it on the floor)
T: (Pauses) I think it might punch me.

T: Hey, Daddy, get up! Come see what Santa left me. Put your pants on!
T: (picks up striped fuzzy socks out of a gift bag) He left me some really nice mittens!
T: He bringed lots of batteries for me, and he said “ho ho ho” to me.
T: (in quick succession, louder each time) What could this be. What could this be? What could this be?!!
T: Look, Mommy, a mutant ninja turtle costume (gift from us!). I want to go in my room and try it on.