The Legend of Ever

My main in WoW is a mage. Arcane mage. Always arcane, tyvm. I’ve been playing arcane since before arcane was popular. I MADE it work, man. I was beating better-geared fire mages on the DPS charts back in Burning Crusade, before the patches that made arcane raid viable were introduced.

I raided for the first time in Burning Crusade. I had previously leveled a rogue to 70, but at that time raiding wasn’t easily accessible, so Hubby and I took a break. About a year later, we returned and leveled his druid and my mage. We joined a new guild, and started raiding. After only a few raids with the guild, our main mage tank (love you, Sol!) for the High Council fight at Gruul’s Lair couldn’t raid one night, so I filled in for him, over another mage who had been there longer. Keep in mind, I was running ARCANE, and I had to use fireball instead of my arcane spells for that fight.

Let’s just say that after one no-go, we creamed ’em! From that day forth, I was always the mage tank, an arcane mage on a fight designed for a fire mage. And I was awesome at it!

I’m really not a braggart! I just have warm, fuzzy memories of that fight. Plus, I can recognize when I’m good at something. And, I’m good at being an arcane mage. All through Wrath I’ve been involved in new content, and I’ve been near the top of the charts, sharing the #1 spot with some other really fantastic players, usually a rogue and a hunter, but the truth is that we have a LOT of great players in our guild.

So, I’ve never had much trouble with my dps.

Well, since patch 4.0.1, my dps has been off the charts. Ok, so technically, it can still be charted by Recount, but you get my drift. I’m in mostly ICC 25-man gear, but no heroic gear at the moment. The only 277 piece is the Ashen Verdict exalted ring. This screenshot is from my first 10-man after the patch, from heroic Saurfang.

That's right, 71k crit.

That’s right, a 71k crit. I stopped paying attention to the numbers after that point. :p But, my dps has become legendary to the guild. This happened last night during a raid. For clarity, I’m Evertoad. :p

Guild chat about Ever part 1

At this point I missed a screenshot where someone said that bosses are afraid of Ever, and Phancies said that bosses have their own version of Deadly Boss Mods, called Deadly Ever Mods, or DEM. And then, it continued.

Guild chat about Ever part 2

To my guild, I’m Chuck Norris. What a scary thought!!

The Legendary Toad, of the Ever Kind

PS: Before you bring it up, I’m well aware that there’s more to raiding than topping the dps charts, and that having great dps doesn’t mean you’re a great raider. Rest assured, I’m great at that too. :p

PPS: Thanks to WoW Item Creator for the tooltip!

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  1. Hey. You are more than Chuck norris. You are EVERTOAD (Caps locks means its true) But seriously. Those are going to be big. I have plans to think up more of them and start that up again. You WILL be known =P

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