The Last Unicorn cover

A friend messaged me a bit ago. This friend, D, and I often share videos or music with each other. Or, you know, pictures of kittens or baby turtles or tiny frogs. Things we can both squee over. (:

D sent me something from Danny from Ninja Sex Party and Game Grumps. It’s a video of Danny doing a cover of the titular song from The Last Unicorn. And if we take The Last Unicorn, Game Grumps, and electronic music and put them all together in a video, well I’m just going to have to watch that.

Here’s the video:

(Direct link)

Like many of my generation, The Last Unicorn was one of my favorite movies growing up. I’ve always loved the art style, the music, the magic. I find it difficult to watch now because it makes me quite emotional. Not that it didn’t make me emotional when I was a kid, but now it’s like years of loving that movie coming out all at once each time I watch it. Hey, I’m emotional — deal with it. {:

I’ve carried this movie with me my whole life. On one of my trips with Hubby, we stopped at a little gift shop and found a red bull stuffed animal. It wasn’t made specifically as the Red Bull from TLU, but we bought it anyway and I named it Bully. He’s still with us, 14 years later. Back in my mIRC days, I went by many names, one of them being MollyGrue, and Hubby was known as Schmendrick. Those were good times! <3

Listen to Danny’s cover. Afterward, snag the free download. It’s on repeat right now because I can’t stop listening to it. It’s a very lovely homage to a great theme from a beautiful movie, and a nice way to bring it all back and let the nostalgia wash over me.

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