Soap Review: Avon Wild Country Soap On A Rope

Story time! I’ve done soap reviews for a long time — they’ve just been in my own head. I’ve loved soap since I was a kid, but sometime ago I started paying close attention to the attributes of a soap and deciding if I’d use that soap again. It’s been years of me just silently reviewing soap in the privacy of my shower. It’s gotten so I can’t use soap of any kind, even just hand-washing soap in a public restroom, without giving it a mini review. Hubby can tell you that if a public restroom soap isn’t to my liking, I’ll tell him about it. :p

But recently, I woke up and smelled the soap (ahem). I was going through that routine with a brand new soap, and I made the snap decision right then and there that I would start putting these reviews out to the world, because…why not? So here it is, the first review!

My first soap review is on Avon’s Wild Country Soap on a Rope. And of course, since I decided to do these reviews after I had started using this soap, I don’t have a before picture. But, I DO have an only-used-once picture!

Avon Wild Country Soap on a Rope
Avon Wild Country Soap on a Rope

Let’s get to it!

First Impressions

I purchased this soap as part of a package with a bunch of other things from my favorite thrift store. It was in perfect condition (I’m not in the habit of using pre-used soap!) but I had no packaging outside of what looked like the original plastic packaging, so I had NO idea what brand of soap this was when I started using it. Once I had decided to do this review, I had to use my trusty Google to find out it was by Avon.

My first thoughts went like this: What kind of soap is this? Whatever, I don’t really care — it has a rope! Let’s take this plastic off. Ooo, I like this scent. I really like the shape and size of this bad boy in my hand. What does this bull’s head on here have to do with anything? Why is this rope not cotton? Oh, man, I like this smell.


Whatever this is, it’s awesome. It’s kind of mild and strong at the same time, but in all the right ways. It seems to be a mixture of a number of different scent types. It has soft, gentle scent, and there’s a note of standard soap-smell in there, and it’s also a little perfume-y. It’s kind of creamy, a little musky, a little spicy, a little floral. The musky note reminds me of this lavender body spray I have. I never liked lavender until a friend gave me this body spray, and the musky, spicy, sweet scent just sends me to the moon. Maybe I should review body sprays too. {:

Overall, it has a kind of wholesome, clean, livening nose-feel to it that fills the whole shower with goodness. I truly can’t get enough.


The lather is almost like milk! It isn’t very sudsy. Instead it’s more of a smooth and silky cream-like consistency. Check it out in the photo above. See how creamy it is? It glides on beautifully, too, and feels really luxurious.


It did a good job of making me feel so fresh, so clean. Even with the creamy consistency of the lather, it washed off easily and wasn’t filmy at all. It wasn’t particularly drying but neither was it very moisturizing. All in all, it’s very nice.


As of this writing, I have no idea what the original price is for this soap! I haven’t as of yet been in touch with an Avon rep, but I’ve done some searching, and given that this soap isn’t even on the Canadian nor the American Avon websites, I’m going to guess maybe it was discontinued or is a limited time item and I’m just not looking at the right time. If I find out more information, I’ll update this post. Maybe you have some info on this soap? Contact me!


The overall experience of this soap reminds me a lot of my brief time many years ago in California — not sure why, it just feels to me like how California feels. Easy-breezy. Also makes me think of the heavy, tropical, transportive quality of using suntan oil in the summertime. I like it. I really like it. I like anything that gives me an easy-breezy feel. But I wonder why in the world the rope is this mildly scratchy plastic-y feeling rope instead of a standard, soft, luxurious cotton rope. I have to take points off for that, no matter how much I love how it smells. Sadface.

Final rating: 4 out of 5