It’s been a long time since I heard a good Smashing Pumpkins album — a really long time. Apologies to those who really liked Zeitgeist — I didn’t. There were only a two songs on Zeitgeist I very strongly liked (Neverlost and For God and Country), and only a couple others I like but don’t have on my regular rotation. It’s possible I didn’t give the album the time it deserved, or that it will kick in for me sometime in the future. It’s also possible that it just doesn’t sing to me.

Oceania sings to me.

At the time of this post, Oceania is being streamed for free over iTunes a week before official release. I’ve been soaking it up all day, and it’s solid.

For the past 6 months at least I’ve been obsessed with electronic music. Traditional music has largely been, sorry to say, boring to me except for a few exceptions and all I’ve wanted is to discover new electronic music. But now, Glissandra and One Diamond, One Heart are on constant rotation, and it’s refreshing to be heavily into a traditional album again. Naturally it would be Billy Corgan who would knock me out of my electronica reverie!

PS: Don’t worry, electronica, I still love you. You won’t be replaced.