Joys of Summer

I was in the studio yesterday working on a gift for a lovely friend’s upcoming wedding. It’s been really hot, hotter inside than out because of no breeze so the fans don’t do much, and I had a headache from the heat. Blah, right?

So yesterday evening Hubby and I took a bit of a break + went out to cool off with an ice cream at the Bayside. Or rather, I’d have the ice cream (soft-serve cone, half sprinkles, half nuts, tyvm) and Hubby would have the root beer float. It’s important to say that the Bayside being open is one of the best parts of summer, and is quite possibly the thing I most love about living on this island. Aside from the fact that it’s an island.

Sydney Fireworks, Aug 2006. Photo by me.
Sydney Fireworks, Aug 2006. Photo by me.

BUT! There were way, way too many people at the Bayside so we just ran into Sydney to find something cold to consume. I ended up getting an iced coffee (which was strong and delicious and I must have more) and a Skor ice cream sundae, and Hubby got a strawberry milk shake. My sundae had tons of Skor bits on it, as well as chocolate syrup and caramel, and it was entirely way too rich for me to eat by myself, so Hubby made the sacrifice to enjoy it with me. {:

While we were sitting there in the car enjoying our goodies, and our time chatting, Hubby realized it might be the night of the Dominion fireworks and that might be why the Bayside was paaaaaacked but Sydney was pretty clear. (Dominion is right across the water from the Bayside, so you can see the fireworks from there.) Lo and behold, on the way home we saw the fireworks through a gap in the trees. It looked like the finale, and Hubby said if he’d realized it earlier, we would have just gone to the Bayside and dealt with the crowd and lack of parking and watched the fireworks. I said that we might not have been able to see the fireworks, but at least we didn’t have to deal with the traffic afterward.

Sydney Fireworks, Aug 2006. Photo by me.
Sydney Fireworks, Aug 2006. Photo by me.

When we got past the Bayside on the way home we could see the fireworks, so we pulled over after the bridge and watched. Going by how long we sat there watching them, apparently we hadn’t seen the finale through the trees earlier. :p Even though they didn’t seem to have in their repertoire the new firework we’d seen at the fireworks marking the end of Coal Dust Days last week here in town, which has now become my new favorite firework, we still got to see a lovely display of fireworks. Some started as purple and finished off green, some looked like galaxies, one looked like a jellyfish (zomg how I love jellyfish), and another looked like a many-armed starfish. It was awesome. And when it was over, we started the car and headed on home. Since we were close to home as it was, and close to the end of where you’d be able to see the fireworks at all, we ended up seeing the fireworks AND not having to deal with a ton of traffic.

Cake and eat it too. {:

PS: Photo credit goes to ME! Took those in 2006. Last time I photographed a firework was 2007. Sydney fireworks should be coming up in August. Who knows, I might have some new firework photos to show. {:

PPS: No bloody guarantees. :p

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