Fenced In Cats

I’m writing this post while sitting outside enjoying the evening breeze. Actually, I’m babysitting the cats, but who says I can’t enjoy myself while doing so? I mean who wouldn’t enjoy this lovely evening?!

A little background: our cats are indoor-only. That’s been the rule with them since we adopted them as kittens 10 years ago. Being indoor cats appears to be perfectly fine with the girl cat, but to the boy cat, “outside” is a relentlessly captivating temptress. Because Hubby and I are staunchly “You are not going out, Cat!”, the boy cat has to subsist on those periodic thrills he gets when he manages to slip through the door when our arms are full of groceries.

Fence at the top of the staircase, right outside the door
Top of the staircase, right outside the door

So we created a very slipshod fence to give them an outside area, with supervision, on the landing of our outdoor stairs — with supervision because we can’t trust the little buggers.

As expected, per their personalities, the boy cat explores the landing intently while the girl cat is happy to explore a bit then retreat to look at the world from just inside the door. But, they both seemed content with the situation.

Clearly happy cat
That is clearly one happy cat.

Of course this gift we’ve given them just means they’ll try to break through the fencing, so I don’t expect it to last very long. They’ll find a way to destroy it. Or, they’ll jump onto the railing and fall to a broken bone. As it is, Boy Cat is poking his head through the railings, looking for weak points in the system.

Insatiably curious, these crazy things. But I guess that’s to be expected. I mean, c’mon, they’re cats!

But hey, at least now I can sit outside with them they’re quiet and mostly agreeable so I can sit and think in peace, instead of having to listen to them meow incessantly because they can see me through the window but can’t be with me because the door is closed.

Give ’em an inch, they’ll take a mile. Jerks. {: