February Drifts

It’s February! Wow, already a month into 2017. Where does the time go?

My January was a pretty unfocused month. 2016 was rough on me energy-wise, and the last few months in particular were an especially difficult time. I’ve been running on fumes for so long, I’m not sure what not running on fumes feels like, but that doesn’t stop me from yearning to refill my tank to the brim.

In spite of my Plans for the year, my energy required me to take a bit of a detour. All it meant is that I haven’t been as focused as I’ve wanted to be so far this year, but that’s all right.

If you don’t have the energy, you just don’t have the energy. Ya can’t fake it!

And that’s the message I wanted to leave with you, a message that jellyfish already know:

When you can’t push against the tides, trust in the drifting of the waves.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, or exhausted, or done-in, or burned out, or overburdened, try to remember that it’s okay to just drift a while. It’s okay to just let go and not try so hard.

As humans, we love to pretend we’re super heroes. We spend so much time taking care of others, that we forget to take care of Numero Uno. We get lost in the shuffle.

Taking care of others is wonderful — it’s noble, it’s worthwhile, and it’s rewarding. But sometimes, we have to just allow life to carry us for a while, like a boat gently rolling along with the lapping waves.

The jellyfish know.

Credit: Floating jellyfish photo by Alberto Montalesi