Art Showcase: Tom Gauld

It’s been some time now since I did my last Art Showcase post. I have a list of artists I’ll showcase in good time, but this time I wanted to showcase a new discovery I had an immediate reaction to. Almost like a This Is My Jam of art. {: And the other day, I found Tom Gauld‘s work.

I have a serious, deep love for sketchbooks and journals. Of all kinds. Being a kind of stationery nut, blank journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks thrill me. But aside from collecting them, I love to see what other artists do with them. So I’d naturally be drawn to Tom Gauld’s fantastic sketchbooks.

NYT Weeklies by Tom Gauld
NYT Weeklies by Tom Gauld

Along with his sketchbooks, I really like his comics and illustrations. It definitely doesn’t hurt that he uses thin ink lines. I love his minimalist shapes and figures, as well as his use of hatching.

But aside from a cartoony, very precise and clean style using thin ink lines, all things I really love, I couldn’t quite pinpoint why Tom’s work seemed kind of familiar to me. But then I saw the two images above and realized they really remind me of Ed Emberley, whose books I cherished as a kid. I think Mr. Emberley might get a Showcase of his own at some point. {:

For now, though, Tom Gauld = awesome.

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