About the Art: Up With The Sun

Update 2017/05/21: Changed post title from “New Art: Up With The Sun” to “About the Art: Up With The Sun”

It’s SUMMER! Isn’t it exciting? Well, it is for me, anyway. “Summer solstice” has to be one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language. Besides, summer heat means I can finally anticipate thunderstorms!

Notice I said “anticipate” and not “have.” Thunderstorms? What are those? The forecast can call for the yellow lines, but we very rarely actually get them. Or they might show up somewhere far enough away that I can’t hear or see anything but close enough to tease. The Weather gods can be cruel.

But, one thing I should be able to get this summer is sunshine! And, if all else fails, I DO have a new artwork from which we could “catch some rays”. {:

This is Up With The Sun.

It’s one of my first artworks using lettering. I’ve always loved lettering, so I decided to give a go at it. Yep, it’s entirely hand-drawn.

After drawing and filling in the letters I set to work on the yellow and orange flourishes. I went for large, thick lines without details (like my usual swirls, circles, and dots) between them. I wanted to evoke the chaotic fire of our star, so the tendrils reach out in all directions, entwined and swirling, like the Sun’s energy.

As always, I do the best I can to make the image on the website look as close as possible to the original, but some artworks just look a lot better in person. Luckily, Up With The Sun is still on display at Wentworth Perk, so could see it in all its framed glory. Go check it out before the month is up!