About the Art: Falling Leaves

Update 2017/05/21: Changed post title from “New Art: Falling Leaves” to “About the Art: Falling Leaves”

It’s raining. Lots of people can’t stand this kind of weather, but anyone who knows me even a little knows that it doesn’t bother me. I love sunshine, of course, but if I’m feeling emotionally run-down or even totally down-and-out, the weather turning gray and rainy while also remaining warm can actually perk up my mood. It also makes me sleepy, but that’s all part of the beauty of it. I find it restful and calming, which puts me back in touch with myself and the world.

Today as I was running errands, I drove through an area with trees on either side and the road stretching out for a ways in front of me. The trees are starting to put on their fall colors, and the wind is strong today so leaves were scattered and blowing all over the road. “You know it’s fall when….” And then of course, I heard the wind rustling the dry fall leaves, and I sighed in peace.

It’s officially been fall for a couple of weeks, but only now does it actually look like fall. And so, I have a new artwork to go along with this time of year.

Every season is beautiful in its own way, but fall will always be my favorite. And even if this artwork doesn’t contain the fall colors, the sentiment of fall is there.

However, I do think a sister artwork with season-appropriate colors is needed. {:

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  1. Spring and Fall my Faves Waiting for the leaves to change to reds and golden The squirrels have really bushy tails this year. Your Great Granddaddy Duvall Told me that when squirrels are real bushy we will have a cold winter, God’s way of taking care of His babies. Also time for hot soups yum yum love the leaves.

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