34 Life Lessons

A few days ago I celebrated my 34th birthday. Yay! Celebration! Confetti! {:

In honor of turning 34, I’ve put together a list of 34 very basic ways we can choose to live our lives that can give us the fulfillment we seek and make our lives better, as well as the lives we touch.

  1. Love with your whole heart
  2. Rid yourself of toxic people
  3. Mean what you say
  4. Say what you mean
  5. Speak the truth
  6. Be gentle with others’ feelings
  7. Be gentle with yourself
  8. Be authentic
  9. Don’t lie or deceive
  10. Avoid negativity
  11. Let go, when it’s time
  12. Go on local adventures
  13. Try new things
  14. Use all of your senses
  15. Do what you know is right
  16. Play often
  17. Work hard at what you love
  18. Revel in your successes
  19. Adapt
  20. Rest
  21. Ask for help
  22. Accept help
  23. Daydream
  24. Enjoy the little things
  25. Be generous
  26. Appreciate what you have
  27. Accept you for you
  28. Find your direction
  29. Simplify
  30. Take action
  31. Follow your heart
  32. Chase your dreams
  33. Keep moving forward
  34. Enjoy the ride

Credit: Field path photo by Andreas Krappweis