30 Days of Creativity – Highlights

A little while ago I came across 30 Days of Creativity (@createstuff on Twitter). It’s a global project where you pledge to create something, anything, every single day for a full 30 days. This year June was the month for the project, and I made the pledge! Here are the highlights of the project.

I wanted a similar theme for each creation throughout the month, so it was obvious they were all part of the same series. Soulprinting takes a long time to do, and I’m pretty good at it anyway! I don’t really need practice soulprinting, but I do feel I can always use a little more practice with drawing and sketching, so I made that my focus. I used the same pens I use for soulprinting, but I used horizontal lines and sometimes a crosshatching style for shading and fill-in. I drew 3 inch by 3 inch squares on card stock, with the squares outlined with a brush pen. Each square would contain the work for a single day.

I had a good time with this project. It was really fun to explore a different style, and it was rather eye-opening to be forced to do something creative every single day. It’s all too easy with everything else to do in life to neglect our creativity, but we NEED to be creative. We need to make time for it, not wait until we have time. We can’t forget our Important Work*.

As I said, these are just the highlights, and it was reeeeeally difficult picking only 8 to show you here! If you want to see the entire series, I posted them all to my Pinterest page for the project.

PS: I heard the term ‘Important Work’ from artist Michael Nobbs, and I simply love it! As a sufferer of ME/CFS, Michael has limited energy, and teaches other people how to be sustainably creative even with limited energy or time. He’s written several books on the subject, including the book Getting Your Important Work Done.

Check it out!