30 Days of Creativity – 2013 Highlights

Update 2020/01/12: Removed some dead links

Last year I participated in the 30 Days of Creativity (@createstuff on Twitter) project. To participate, you pledge to create something, anything, every day for a month. I had a lot of fun with the project last year, and when I saw that the project would be on for this June, I signed up again! And just like last year, I shall show you the highlights. {:

I stuck with the same general theme and style as last year: I drew my submission for each day in a single 3in x 3in box, and I used a parallel line/crosshatching style for filling in the color. As with last year, I chose specifically to draw the parallel lines without a ruler. For one thing, I think it looks better in this case. But drawing without a ruler also helps with fine motor control, and I think using projects like this as practice is a good…practice. {:

The whole point of this project for me is to create casual work, to not worry about it being “perfect.” I certainly need that, as creating Soulprints can make me very tight from being so precise and focused. It’s important for me to take opportunities to shrug off perfection. It keeps me fresh and loose, and that’s where I need to be.

These are just the highlights from the month — which basically translates to a few of my personal favorites. Hey, I’m the artist AND the curator. I’m biased. {:

To see all of them and pick your own favorites, they’re on my Pinterest as well as in the gallery.