Sharing Myself

As much as I love to share my artwork, there’s more to me than just being an artist! This is where I share non-art-related things about my thoughts, my struggles, my loves, and my life.

There are four sections here:

Chronic Illness – It’s true. I’m chronically ill. My chronic illnesses (I have more than one) make creating art, being productive, and daily life a challenge. They affect the whole of my life. I write about my issues with my health here.

Other Projects – From time to time, I work on projects that aren’t really art-related. I share them with you in this section.

Products and Reviews – There’s a world of options out there, but sometimes I come across a product I just HAVE to share with you! Those things show up here.

Writings and Thoughts – Thoughts, experiences, happenings, snippets of funny conversations, tidbits of awesome, and even poetry…they all make their way into this section for your perusal. {:

Here are the 10 most recent posts in each section: