September Art Date Part 1 – Beach

My lovely friend Gayle invited me to join her last weekend for cat smooches, Gayle cuddles, and artsy things. She enticed me with the promise of trying out her new pens. She knows just how to grab my interest, too. It’s a stone cold fact: I can’t pass up trying out new pens. Obsess about pens much? Oh hells yea, I do! And so does Gayle. She’s such an enabler. {:

September graced us with an absolutely glorious Saturday for our art date. We started off with hot chocolate coffee before heading out for a walk on the beach.


*Sigh* Just being near water has an overwhelmingly relaxing effect on me. Feeling the cool water and digging my toes into the soft sand made me wonder where the heck my summer went and why I haven’t spent more days at the beach. But, it’s hard to dwell on that when surrounded by such beauty.


We took a break from walking to sit on the sand watching the sandpipers flit in and out of the waves. I couldn’t keep my fingers from playing with the sand. On our way back to the car, I gathered a few shells to bring home with me for future crafty things.

After we got our fill of the air and the sunshine (could there be such a thing?), we spent the next few hours creating. More about that soon. {:

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