Perk Show and New Art: Spilled Coffee

This post is a double-decker! Two posts in one! Yay!

Why? (As if the title isn’t self-explanatory)

Well, I’m very excited that in just under 3 weeks, I’ll be displaying my artwork at Wentworth Perk in Sydney, NS! Yay!

The Perk is my favorite coffee shop, and I’ve wanted to show my art there for a while. Different things got in the way of that actually coming to fruition, but a few months ago I was there (drawing, as usual) and was introduced to the owner of the place. She seemed into signing me up to display my work there, and hey, I wanted to be signed up! So, I signed up.

My work will be on the Perk’s walls for the entire month of June starting June 3rd. I’m displaying many new artworks, some I haven’t even shown on this website yet! So, if you’re in the area, pop in for a coffee and cookie or sandwich and check out the art. But not until June 3rd. Well, ok, by all means go in there before then! It’s a great place and they always have awesome art by other artists on the walls. I just mean my art won’t be on display until the 3rd. {:

And with that announcement, it’s pretty darn perfect that I show off a new artwork entitled “Spilled Coffee.” Isn’t that just perfect?

This artwork doesn’t really have any kind of deeper meaning behind it. It’s just cool and appropriate. Although, I’m sure if you wanted to, you could have a philosophical discussion and extract some kind of larger meaning of how coffee relates to our lives. Or how the coffee spilling out of the mug in the artwork looks like it’s in motion even though it’s a static image, and the artwork is like a snapshot of that movement. Or how the steam coming off a real cup of coffee swirls about your head like the coffee spilling out of that mug. Whatever! I’m sure we could have a philosophical discussion about just about anything.

Sounds like something we should do over coffee. Wanna go to the Perk? {:

4 Replies to “Perk Show and New Art: Spilled Coffee”

  1. Hey Whitney!
    Great stuff happening with you! I am completely enthralled by your art work. And as for your cats? OMG!! They’re gorgeous! Then of course you already know this…..! Have to get together soon for tea! I do hope all is well – is it? Drop me a note when you get a minute, if the whim should grab you!! In the meantime, please take care and we’ll talk to you soon…..hugs!

  2. Whit- I absolutely LOVE This coffee print- I am a self-proclaimed coffee snob and this is totally “doing it” for me! Thanks for sharing your amazing pieces, and pieces of your insight! A nice buzz… glad you are feeling better this week! Cheers,

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