Perk Art Show – June 2013

It is hung! My art show, that is. {: It went up Sunday afternoon at Wentworth Perk (website, Facebook), and my artworks will be on display there for the rest of the month.

It was such a relief to get everything done and hung up! I was worried for a bit if I’d get enough done. In fact, because of recurrent illness and everything else, I didn’t reach my initial goal for how many artworks I wanted to make. That being said, considering how I filled the place up, that initial number was outrageously high and quite unnecessary. I hung up some brand new originals as well as some older prints, and there’s something on each wall in the main dining area as well as a couple elsewhere, so yea, it’s a good show.

Anyway, I know what you’re saying: “Enough with the talking, show us the pics!”


Wentworth Perk art show "Shower" and "Shower #2"

“Shower” and “Shower #2”

Wentworth Perk art show "Spilled Coffee"

“Coffee Spill” on an angled wall between two windows. I sure hope these artworks are secure. Otherwise my coffee might take a…ahem…spill.

Wentworth Perk art show "No Apologies"

“No Apologies” — Haven’t blogged about this one yet. {:

Wentworth Perk art show "Dream"

When I saw the “Believe” ironwork there on the wall, I decided that was the perfect place to display my “Dream” artwork. I haven’t uploaded or shared “Dream” yet on the blog, so you’re not getting a close-up! Yet! Sooooon. {:

Wentworth Perk art show "Roving Reach"

“Roving Reach” on the wall above the cream and sugar station!

Wentworth Perk art show Take A Bow"

“Take A Bow” hanging above a plant by the window

Wentworth Perk art show "Breaking Boundaries"

“Breaking Boundaries” hanging on the wall opposite the register!

Wentworth Perk art show "14 Joys"

“14 Joys” on an angled wall.

Wentworth Perk art show "Cast About"

“Cast About” on an angled wall.

Wentworth Perk art show main area

Four artworks in this picture of the center of the main area. From left to right: “Spilled Coffee”, “Color Blocks” (haven’t blogged about it yet, no closeup, but work in progress shots on my Facebook page!), “Fly Away”, and “Heart Strings”

Not pictured:
Hearth & Home — Blog post here
Up With The Sun — Haven’t blogged about it yet. Soooon. {: Update: Blogged here!

But ya know what would be quicker? Heading to the Perk and checking it out in person! XD

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