Introduction to Soap Reviews


All kinds of soap, but especially bar soap. I love everything about the experience of trying a new soap. Do you KNOW how many different soaps there are out there?? Different scents, different ingredients. Some include seeds or oatmeal or MILK. People make them in small batches in their own HOMES! There’s SO much more out there than the regular brands we all know from the grocery store.

My love for soap probably started because of my mother. She used to send me care packages from California, and they always included several bars of funky soaps that she could get there but I couldn’t get here. It was thrilling to find out what kind of soaps she sent me.

Actually, it started before then. One time in my early teens, Mom brought home some fancy rose-scented soap that literally made my skin smell like roses; it was wonderful, and it’s something I, to this day, haven’t been able to find again. We used to read the bottles of Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap together and discuss the writings, and laugh at the silliness. ALL-ONE! Dilute. Dilute. OK! We got such a kick out of that soap!

Mom loved soap, and her sharing it with me is how my own obsession came about. The people closest to me know that a perfect birthday-holiday-whatever gift for me is interesting soap. Or tea. Or art supplies! *swoon*

So, now I’m going to share my love of soap with you by reviewing the fancy soaps I try! I’ll base my reviews on the following criteria:

  • First Impressions: This is the soap experience before I even use it, including the look of the packaging and the soap itself, and how the soap feels in my hand.
  • Smell: Aromatherapy rocks. {:
  • Lather: What’s more luxurious than a good lather?
  • Feel: Does it make me feel clean? Is it easy to wash off? Does it my skin feel tight and itchy?
  • Price: Is the experience worth the cost?

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