Ok, so, I took photos of the Sydney fireworks as promised! Or, semi-promised. Or, not really promised because it was never guaranteed. And I took the pics a week ago but as I’ve been working hard on a big project, and I was interrupted by a mysterious blue glow in the water, so this post didn’t get finished until now. Anyway! The display was really nice for the eyes, and I took some pictures, and here they are:

(Isn’t that first one great? It’s all spidery.) They were very quick, crisp explosions, despite the low-lying clouds making the light bounce around all over the place. The higher ones went up into the clouds and got all misty, which was really lovely to look at. It wasn’t that great of a display for photographing, however.

The fireworks came too quickly, overlapping each other, so it wasn’t really possible to get a single firework from beginning to end without another one edging its way in. For that reason, the pics ended up containing several fireworks at a time. I expected to get single fireworks like I normally do as the shows up here tend to have the fireworks more spread out. But! The stacking effect is definitely lovely, so I got a few nice landscape-y shots. Makes the whole set look like the finale. {:

Sydney Fireworks, Aug 2012. Photo by me.
Sydney Fireworks, Aug 2012. Photo by me.

Still didn’t see a repeat of my new favorite firework that we saw in town last month. sadface. It was all..bubbly. Exploded like a regular big billowing firework, but ended with the bits exploding into a ton of little ones making a kind of bubble-like formation. Lurv. Oh well, maybe next year. {:

NB: I’m starting to think my camera hates me.