All The LuminAIDS In The House

So I wanted to show you the LuminAIDs I decorated for Lumière! They’re super awesome. Check them out above, all hanging in a row over the counter at My Fair Ladies Fair Ethical Emporium, and look below for close-up shots!


Two different super funky, colorful designs.


One is reminiscent of angel wings. The other is a nest of black Soulprinting. Maybe heaven and hell? {:


Here are the angel wings again, hanging out next to a pattern made with electric blue. I made a time lapse video featuring the creation of this one!


Big swirls and dots are the focus of this one colored in black, orange, and red, with a blue and orange design off to the side.


Black Swirl is reminiscent of a snail. Kinda goes with the Blue and Green Rain then, doesn’t it? {:


Here we have a nice classy, frilly black and pink one, along with one that reminds me of peas in a pod in a wheat field.


And last but not least, here’s the pumpkin. This one’s been snatched up already to be used by little hands during treat collection this Friday!

Aren’t they terrific? Well, I think they are. {: The neatest thing is that each one is signed, so aside from being really amazing solar-powered inflatable lights, they’re also practical little artworks! And there’s nothing I like more than things that serve multiple purposes. {:

These LuminAIDs are for sale at My Fair Ladies Fair Ethical Emporium [map].

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