Soulprints, 2006-2011

This collection represents the official beginning of my life as an artist. I’ve created art my whole life, but somehow I believed that being an artist was an unattainable dream for me. This belief didn’t stop me from drawing though, and one evening I created Cosmic Sundae. This was the first time I could acknowledge creating a complete artwork, and it sparked an incredible period of exploration and discovery, and I’ll always cherish these artworks for their raw, unrestricted quality.

  • Cosmic Sundae
  • Mend
  • Cast About
  • Companion
  • Bliss
  • Happy Home
  • The Great Divide
  • 14 Joys
  • Take A Bow
  • Roving Reach
  • Xmas Tree
  • Miss P
  • The World In Her Eyes
  • Macrocosm
  • Hyla versicolor