What would an artist’s website be without art?

The Gallery section here shows just that. {: You can click on each image to see it larger and perhaps read some information about it.

In addition to showing off my works, I write about it, too! There are three sections of my art-centered writings:

Art Biz – Anything about the business side of creating art, like doing artisan shows or getting into galleries, goes here.

Art Projects – I like to work on different projects that showcase my artwork or give me a new perspective or let me work with different people. Each one I learn something new from, and I find them very valuable, and very fun! I’ll write about them here.

Soulprints – This is the meat-and-potatoes of my artistic life! My Soulprints are abstract line art ink drawings, and they are my signature style. Each one has a story, and I tell it here.

Here are the 10 most recent posts in these sections: